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The importance of a small business website design is obvious, but spending a fortune for a website isn't a reality for most small business owners or in the budget for the average home owner who may just want a web site. Luckily, you don't have to. Serenity Computer Services specialises in home and small - medium business, offering affordable web site design.
We work with you to achieve the right look for you or your business providing you with a custom built affordable websites that meet your expectations and budget needs.

Visit our client portfolio page to view our creations.

Web site Planning

Before creating a website, it is important to take the time to plan exactly what is needed in the website. Thoroughly considering the audience or market target, as well as defining the purpose and deciding what content should be developed are extremely important. Some reasons might be:

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  • Promote ideas, hobbies, or beliefs
  • Advertise your company or product
  • Provide customer services and support
  • Keep your customer base informed
  • Give or sell Information
  • Create an "Extended Business Card" for your business

We provide a no obligation free half hour consultation to discuss your needs and develop a plan that will best suit your needs. If you decide to go ahead, further consultation will be provide as part of your chosen plan.

Web Design Plans

Serenity Computer Services has three main plans Sapphire Sapphire plan Ruby Ruby plan & Emerald Emerald plan (see right column). While these plans have pricing and contain a basic set of inclusions they are fully customisable to suit your needs, additional costs are explained on the individual plan pages and can also be discussed during a consultation. Below are some additional elements you may like to consider including in your website:

  • A web image gallery or slideshow
  • Having more than 600 words on a page
  • Inclusion of Google maps for directions
  • A Flash animated banner or graphic
  • Any other custom element you may require
  • After sales update packages


(Design It Yourself) Are you creative and have a design in mind for your website but don't know where to go from there. We can take your design and create your web pages just how you imagined them. As you have contributed to a key process which will save us time, We will offer a discount saving you money.
Have any questions, give us a call now on 0407 129 446 and we will be happy to discuss them with you or feel free to use our question form on our contacts page.

Domain names & Web Hosting

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To have your own website you will require a Domain name and a place to host your site. This is known as Hosting and will form the name and address of your site. As an example; for this site our Domain name is serenitycomputerservices.com.au. Domain names are usually in the form of .com.au, .com, .biz, .net, .net.au, or .org, you will need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN) to qualify for a .com.au.
There are many websites from where you can purchase Domain names and Hosting packages. We recommend Hosting Australia They are Australian owned and been operating since 1999. Hosting Australia servers are based in Australia and offer 24/7 365 days a year with a 99.9% up time. Guaranteeing your business stays online.
If you are not comfortable in organising your own Domain name and Hosting package through Hosting Australia or another company we can help organise this for you and add the cost of your domain name and hosting plan to the web design plan you choose. If you are not ready for a plan but wish to organise your domain name to prevent someone else acquiring it we can help you for a one off fee of $20.

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